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The Marionette Unit - Short Film

The Marionette Unit

Concept Artwork

The Marionette Unit is a screenplay co-written by Azhur Saleem & Paul B. Adams, from an original story by filmmakers Azhur Saleem and James Boyle.

This film is set in an alternate Victorian England, a world where steam-punk technology has developed rapidly and in a world where all creativity, art and individual expression is state-controlled. The Marionette Unit is a theatre show where machine and human have been fused together. A musical machine that resembles a twisted tortured church organ, run with valves, steam and electricity, is connected by a mass of electrical cables to three ballet dancers, who have the wires fused into their bodies. The dancers are controlled by the machine much to the amazement of the Victorian audience. 

We follow the story of Smith, an enigmatic character connected to an underground society of artists, hunted by the police. He has come to watch the prize ballet dancer, Georgette try and escape the wired clutches of The Marionette Unit. Will she be able to wrestle free and escape with Smith, or will she succumb to the powerful forces that hold her captive? What follows is a stunning and imaginative display of the human spirit fighting to be set free.


Teleplays and TV Series

Title Withheld (embargoed) - High Concept Television Series

Paul is co-creator and writer of a High Concept Television one-hour drama series currently in script development for Fun Sized Studios.

For more details, please contact Fun Sized Studios.

Creative Writing

Novels, Short Stories and Creative Non-Fiction

"Ten Thousand Lanterns"

nine tenths below

"Ten Thousand Lanterns" is Paul's fictocritical response to the event, geo-politics and city of Hiroshima and is published in the anthology nine tenths below, by Halstead Press, Broadway N.S.W. Australia.

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